Thursday, August 14, 2008


LPPB goes after 1,317 over RM14 million loan arrears


Efforts are being made to track down 3,317 house owners in Kota Kinabalu, Sandakan and here who owe the Housing and Town Development Board (LPPB) some RM 14 million in loan arrears. According to LPPB General Manager, Jenar Lamdah, the operation is currently being carried out by issuing notices to the house owners. “We have to take this stern action as many house owners remain stubborn and unwilling to cooperate. We have given them ample time to settle their loans. There are a lot of other house buyers to consider now,” he said. Jenar was speaking to the press after handing over the notices to house owners at the Tawau Lama flats at Bal Condo here yesterday during an operation which was participated by Deputy General Manager Rosnani Asmat, Operations Officer Sulaiman Liman and some LPPB officers from the district. According to him, there are some 375 house owners here who have yet to settle arrears amounting to RM7 million, and most of them are living at the Tawau Lama flats I, II, III and Taman Semarak Condominium flats. He said the houses were built 20 years ago and most of the owners have failed to pay the rent. “LPPB offers loans to the house buyers if they fail to get the loans approved by a bank and they are required to pay between RM300 and RM750 per month. “I would like to advise all house buyers to settle their outstanding arrears with us before their houses are repossessed through legal action.” Jenar said LPPB is willing to offer anew payment schedule for the defaulters to enable them to settle their dues. “We do not want to burden the house buyers. We have records and names of the house buyers in all three districts,” he said. During the operation, Jenar said, it was found out that some of the house owners had made illegal electricity supply connections. “We hope they will remove the illegal connections and if they fail to do so, their hire purchase agreements will be revoked and w would take stern action against them,” he warned LPPB expects to collect at least 50 per cent of the arrears by the end of this year.

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