Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Man robbed in taxi, wife raped


A man who boarded a pirate taxi in Sukau, Kinabatangan with his wife was robbed at gunpoint while she was raped by the other passengers on Thursday. District Police Chief Rosli Mohd in confirming the incident, said the couple in their late 20s, had wanted to go to Malta in Lahad Datu and boarded the taxi as they had no other means of transport and the husband also knew one of the passengers. Instead of taking the couple direct to Malta, the driver took them for a merry-go-around in an oil palm plantation in Kinabatangan. Two of the passengers threatened the husband with a knife and robbed him of RM500 while the third dragged the wife into some bushes and raped her. The couple were then ordered to get inside the car, a Perodua Kelisa, and the driver circled the estate. Seeing a Police patrol car in the neighbourhood, the victims shouted for help. Police stopped the car, found two knives inside it and detained the two robbery suspects and brought them to the Police station in Sukau for further investigations. They are still looking for the rape suspect, also an Indonesian, who had fled the scene.

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