Thursday, August 14, 2008


MCA Youth Tawau, Semporna support Yong for post


Both MCA Youth Tawau and Semporna jointly declared that they will give their full support to MCA Sabah Deputy Youth Chief Wilfred Yong to contest for the MCA Sabah Youth Chief post in their upcoming MCA Sabah State Youth Committee Election. They said that based on the past results presented by Yong, there is no doubt that he has the capabilities for the post. Yong’s wife is a Hakka originated from Tawau, and therefore he is very close with the grassroots and the people in Tawau. They believe that having him as the State Youth Chief will bring more improvements to Tawau. Yong has also proven that he is a sincere and committed leader that always has the grassroots in his heart. At the same time, the two Youth Divisions also give their full support to Wilfred Yong and MCA Sabah Youth Secretary Chin Kim Hiung to contest senior posts in the upcoming MCA National Youth General Election which will be held on October 16 and 17. The two Youth Divisions said that they declare their support to these two experienced Sabahan leaders based on their past results and sacrifices for the Party. They strongly believe that MCA has recovered from the political tsunami. The unity of MCA Sabah Youth will assist them to serve the Sabah people, especially the Chinese community better. MCA Tawau Division is the first division set up in Sabah. It is currently the largest Youth Division in Sabah with 40 State Youth delegates and Semporna Youth with seven State Youth delegates. MCA Tawau Youth Chief Marco Yap also proposed MCA Sabah Youth Vice Organizing Secretary Yap Teck Lai to contest as MCA Sabah Vice Youth Chief, and MCA Semporna Youth Chief Liew Pu Sing as MCA Sabah Youth Treasurer. Yap Teck Lai appreciates the proposal from MCA Tawau Youth and he believes that his performance as the State Vice Organizing Secretary will assist him to gain the support from the State Youth delegates. The MCA Sabah Youth Committee Election will be held on September 6 and the MCA Youth General Election on October 17.

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