Thursday, August 14, 2008


Native Law Council needed in all districts: Bumburing


Tuaran Member of Parliament Datuk Seri Panglima Wilfred Bumburing said that a Native Law Council comprising non-Muslim bumipĆ¼tras should be formed in all the districts to complement the function of the Native Law Courts, especially in district where the District Chief or most of the Native Chiefs appointed are from a different ethnic group. He said this in support of a recent statement by Borneo High Court Chief Judge Tan Sri Richard Malanjum. Since most cases being handled by the Native Courts are from the non- Muslim bumiputra, a Native Law Council comprising non-Muslim bumiputeras would be appropriate to advise the District Chief or Native Chief especially when they are from a different ethnic group, he said. Most if not all cases being brought to the Native Courts are from the Kadazandusun Murut (KDM), so it is only appropriate that a Native Law Council comprising knowledgeable KDM elders be formed who will act as an advisory council both to the District Chiefs and the District Officers when cases handled by the Native Courts are being appealed to the District Office. “I also urge the Native Courts to archive all their proceedings for references, “he said. According to him, these records will serve as reference materials as cases involving the KDMs vary from place to place. Common Native Laws may be slightly different among the people in the northern part of Sabah such as those in Kota Marudu, Pitas and Kudat and those of the Central KDM in Penampang, Tuaran, Tambunan as well as those in Keningau and definitely differs from the Eastern KDM groups. Commenting on the ongoing Ops Bersepadu to round, up illegal immigrants in Sabah, Bumburing reiterated his stand that those illegals who are in possession of MyKads and who have obtained MyKads through dubious means must also be dealt with. As such, he said the National registration Department must provide an avenue for those personnel involved in the operation to counter-check whether the MyKads found in possession of these rounded illegals were acquired through the legal channels. Any of the MyKads being held by non-bonafide Malaysian citizens should be seized and the holders repatriated along with the other undocumented immigrants, he added.

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