Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Parking fees defaulters to face action
City Hall will bring motorists with outstanding amount to court: Mayor


City Hall will mount a special operation to bring to court those who have not paid their parking fees. “We will take strict against those motorists who have not paid their parking fees. For a long time, we have given them many opportunities to settle their outstanding parking fees and now we will conduct a special operation with the police to find them,” he told The Borneo Post during City Hall’s meet-the- clients day yesterday. According to him, over 1,000 motorists have not paid their parking fees since 2002, and the total amounts to RM2 million. “It is a huge amount that’s why we want to find those who have still not paid their parking fees. With this huge amount, many things can be done by City Hall, especially in developing the City. Maintenance in the City is a big expense, and if we manage to collect part of the RM2 million, it will help City Hall a lot,” he said. On July 31, City Hall through its car park management company, Wawasan Ikhtisas Sdn. Bhd, announced a discount of 95 percent on penalty or excess charges for overdue parking fees. The offer is valid for August 1-30 in conjunction with Merdeka Month. City Hall Holdings Director cum General Manager Kenny Chan said during the period, the public would only have to pay the actual parking fees due plus a minimum penalty of five percent. City Hall’s meet-the-clients programme was attended by 14 departments. “I am very happy because the programme received a warm welcome from the public. We hope to hold it once every two months,” Iliyas said.

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