Tuesday, August 12, 2008


LDP Deputy President urged not to step down


Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) Deputy President Datuk Chin Su Phin, who also heads the Api Api Division, has been urged not to step down after his current term expires next year. “We give our undivided support to our Deputy President cum Api Api Division Chairman Datuk Chin Su Phin,” said Api Api Division Deputy Head Ken Fong and fellow office bearers yesterday. The call from fellow leaders was made in the wake of a statement made by Chin at the Api Api Division’s annual general meeting on Sunday. Chin hinted at the possibility of him relinquishing his posts at the end of his current term next year. “I may not be around (after the current term expires),” he said, stating that perhaps it is time to start identifying potential leaders who can take over his posts. Ken said Party leaders and members from the Division, including State LDP Wanita Head Datin Naomi Chong Set Mui who also heads the Api Api Wanita Division, were surprised with Chin’s unexpected intention as the Party is just entering into anew chapter in the Barisan Nasional. He said the LDP had just gone through the transition of power and Chin had made tremendous contributions to the Party. “Chin, who was the LDP’s Director of Operations in the recent general election in March, was instrumental in helping the Party win the Sandakan parliamentary seat and the state seats of Karamunting, Merotai and Tanjung Kapor. “It is not the right time yet for Datuk Chin to retire from the Party... we strongly ask him to stay on even after his term expires next year,” he said. Naomi meanwhile said the LDP Women shared the views of the Api Api Division, saying that Chin’s service is still required by the Division and the Party. She said the Party’s President Datuk VK Liew would be busy with his duties and responsibilities in Kuala Lumpur as the Deputy International Trade and Industry Minister. “As such, we need Datuk Chin’s experience and steady hand to handle Party matters in Sabah,” Naomi added.

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