Tuesday, August 26, 2008


State MCA Deputy Youth Chief gets more support


Another four Sabah MCA Divisional Youth movements, namely Kota Kinabalu, Penampang, Kota Belud and Putatan, will be supporting current State MCA Deputy Youth Chief Wilfred Yong’s contest for the movement’s State Chief post in the coming State party polls next month. The youth chiefs of the four divisions, Michael Chang (Kota Kinabalu), David Tan (Penampang), Chua Chung Ching (Kota Belud) and Andy Lau (Putatan) pledged their support to Yong on Sunday. “We will support Yong on the Party’s nomination day, Sept 2 and election day, Sept 6,” they told a press conference They alsp disclosed that Chang wants to retain his Sabah MCA Youth Vice Chief post and Tan who is currently the movement’s Legal Bureau Chairman, wants to contest for one of the Vice Chief posts. The four divisions also pledged their full support to Sandakan MCA Divisional Youth Chief Alex Chang who will be contesting for the State MCA Youth’s Deputy Chief post. Yong who publicly announced his intention to contest for the movement’s top post, said his decision was made after encouragement, feedback and support from the Party and movement’s members. The current MCA State Youth Chief, Chew Kok Woh, will not be defending the post as he has passed the age limit. Yong, 35, said he will continue to work hard for the Party so that it reaches greater heights both at the State and national levels in the next three years. Yong has served the Party for more than 10 years. He was the previous State Vice Youth Chief (2002-2005), current State Deputy Youth Chief and Youth Central Committee member (2005-2008).MCA Silam Youth Chief Chen Nyct Siong has pledged the movement’s full support to Yong in his contention for the post. “Yong has done much in the past to assist the Silam MCA Youth. Based on his services and commitment to MCA, he is a sincere and honourable Sabahan leader who always gives priority to our State’s interest,” Chen said. The Sabah MCA Youth election will be held on September 6 at the Berjaya Palace Hotel here.

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