Tuesday, August 26, 2008


German tourist loses phone, cash in snatch theft


A young German tourist walking down from the observatory tower in Signal Hill here last night lost her cell phone and some cash after her handbag was snatched by someone from a passing car. The girl was walking with her partner when a Perodua Kancil car went past them. According to an eyewitness who was about to go downtown with her husband, the girl fell and sustained minor injuries on the legs and hands after someone from inside the car snatched her bag. The eyewitness, who declined to be identified, said she and her husband then took the German couple to the nearest Police station. The girl had lost her cell phone and some cash to the thieves but luckily had kept her passport in her pocket. Said the eyewitness: “I live in Signal Hill. We notice that the streetlights go off sometimes, and the place is all darkness. But even if the lights are on, the area is still not well lit. I believe this encourages crime in these areas. “How can we reassure the people, especially foreign visitors, that those tourist spots are safe when there are not enough facilities?” She urged the relevant authorities to overcome this problem as soon as possible before something worse happens. She also commended the Police, adding: “They were very helpful to the couple.”

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